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With Agnes Schmid, Arian Jones, Barbara Posch, Christian Eisenberg, Constanze Budcke, Edith Jones, Maria Obermeier and Ricarda Maurizio.



‘Last night I got drunk, and when I went to bed and closed my eyes, I envisioned my body moving, just because, along a horizontal path.’ Little Joy by Cecilia Pavón


CONSTELLATIONS takes its starting point from the online exhibition Down the Rabbit Hole JB in JT, which was realised in 2020 by Scott C Weaver/O-Town House, with artists James Benning, Julie Ault and Martin Beck. There is no endpoint really, but to try and bring people together, and to listen out for what resonates after spending time with something, somewhere, with someone.

Since October students from Munich and London have attended regular workshops and reading groups, these all took place remotely. The students were invited to respond to the digital representation they have seen of my home, only experiencing this through the window of an online platform. The participating students submitted a digital A4 work to print, which was then installed in and around the rooms.

In a world thwarted by Brexit and the pandemic, CONSTELLATIONS brings together students from AdBK Munich and Camberwell College of Art, London in an online exhibition.


‘In reality, more than a question, it was a wish. I wished that, by continually moving like that in a straight path, my body could make it to Germany.’ Little Joy by Cecilia Pavón.


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