Datum: Do | 18.02.2021
Sa | 27.03.2021
Ort: Miles McEnery Gallery | New York


Pia Fries reinterprets abstraction by sensationally combining a variety of textures and pigments to create striking and multidimensional gestural compositions. The Swiss-born painter initially studied sculpture in Lucerne, Switzerland, prior to becoming a student of Gerhard Richter at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Germany. The artist’s background in sculpture is evident in her practice throughout her wide-ranging body of paintings. Working with a sophisticated assortment of mediums, Fries alters the way in which the materials interact on the canvas. Her unique ability to transform pictorial space is conveyed through the textured and intricately layered elements of her paintings. By layering copious amounts of oil paint on top of transferred images and geometric patterns, Fries produces an intensely visual sense of movement for the viewer to follow.


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