Ausstellung von Nattaphon Chaiworawat in der AkademieGalerie

Eröffnung MO 09.01.17 | 19:00 Uhr

Ausstellung 10.01 - 20.01.17

Öffnungszeiten MO - FR/ SO 14:00 - 20:00 Uhr | SA 13:00 - 17:00 Uhr


Things inside
Things inside is a performative series that relates with daily activities by concentrating only on the act in each moment.
The intention of this series is to concretize internal abstract visual and perceptual mechanisms in a simple way.
Also to contribute an "area" that manifests the value of here and now, that let us look back to ourselves with different perceptions which reminds us how the same we are.
Round of existences
An video installation event which invites people to experience inside themselves by using 49 footages in 7 monitors which represent 49 days of Natthaphon's sitting meditation as a part of his practice when
he was a monk in Thailand.
The Monitors display loops 7 days in life, from Sunday to Saturday, which define that everything is possible to happen, to remain for a certain period and disappear or transform to other states at the end. Even in the same
circumstance it is always different.
Things inside_04 (Let's talk about your stories)
In that durational performance Natthaphon invites people to make conversation with him or someone else in a casual way.
The purpose is to represent the idea of sharing experiences. Daily activity as talking is one of several general acts that everyone can express or perceive opinions, feelings or experiences. Sometime we
just need someone who can listen attentively. Ones who can share similar experiences with you to remind that we are all the same and somehow you will be reliefed.