Vortrag von Andres Latorre
Datum & Uhrzeit: 2019-05-23 18:00
Raum: Auditorium, Neubau der Akademie

Our brushes, as tools, are used to pick up, transport and arrange painting in desired way a certain surface.
Basically these are the basic actions that we perform when painting.
Understanding brushes as physical tools will inevitably lead us to questions related to their
physical properties and as a result, their capabilities and limits according to the hairs and
synthetic monofilaments as the different constituent materials of the brushes available to painters these days.
The objective of this lecture is to explain the different physical properties of the different
brushes for the understanding of how this information can be useful for the selection of the main
tools of our practice.



ANDRES LATORRE | Painter, researcher and teacher, born in 1975 in Buenos Aires where he lives and works.

He studied at the Regina Pacis Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires.

Researching on art materials and techniques is an essential aspect of his work, and also one the

main subject he shares in art classes and seminars.

He is the founder of PINCID (Pigment Index for Color Identification), a pigment research project.

He regularly exhibits his paintings in art galleries and art institutions.


Die Veranstaltung findet in Kooperation und mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Kremer Pigmente Aichstetten statt

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