Max Weisthoff | Ausstellung
Datum: 2021-09-08
Öffnungszeiten: nach Vereinbarung
Ort: Rosa Stern Space | Belgradstr. 76



Rosa Stern Space presents the fifth edition of TESTSPIEL: a series of brief interventions by local artists using the space and architectural structure of Rosa Stern Space for the production and trial of new projects. The focus shifts to the artistic process and the production set becomes the exhibited work.

Our guest will be Munich based artist Max Weisthoff who will show an auditory performance on 11th of September 2021, utilizing and diffusing terms of bodily presence and media-transgressive ritualism.

“INDUSTRIAL MUSIC FOR INDUSTRIAL PEOPLE“ is a performative approach to investigate and question the historically charged bodies of former outdoor-spotlights of the Olympiastadion Munich – authentic materialized witnesses to the events according the Olympic Games in 1972. An experimental setup of actions against, towards and along the spotlights is performed on site for a duration of 12 hours reconstituting their general agency as sculptural objects. The performance loosely references the emergence of “Industrial“ in mid-70s as one of the maybe most-confrontative, uncompromising performative expressions of popular culture up to today. Noise, mutual objectification, materiality, action, persistence, duration and a general denial of full practical or pictorial control allude to a transgressive, tech-fetishized state processing radical aesthetic research and actual sculptural permutation as spatial phenomena.


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