Talk by graphic designer and publisher Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey

DO 05.11.15 | 19:00 Uhr

Raum Klassenraum der Klasse Nicolai im Altbau der Akademie | Akademiestr. 2




Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey is: a graphic designer and publisher, co-founder and editor of the left-field arts journals Dot Dot Dot (2000–2010) and Bulletins of The Serving Library (2011–ongoing); one half of the artist duo Dexter Sinister together with designer David Reinfurt; and one third of archiving-publishing engine The Serving Library together with David and Angie Keefer.


In 2006, Dexter Sinister established a workshop and bookstore of the same name in New York, and have since explored aspects of contemporary publishing in diverse contexts. As well as designing, editing, producing, and distributing both printed and digital media, they have also worked with ambiguous roles and formats, usually in the live contexts of galleries and museums. These projects generally play to some form of site-specificity, where a publication or series of events are worked out in public over a set period of time.


An exhibition by Dexter Sinister, On a Universal Serial Bus.*, is currently installed at Kunstverein München. Within his talk on the evening of 5 November, Stuart Bertolotti - Bailey will introduce some of the ideas behind the show in view of a recent publication by theorist Stephen Wright, Towards a Lexicon of Usership (a PDF of which is freely available here: