Paul Valentin | Ausstellung
Datum: 2022-06-26
Ort: ROSA STERN SPACE | Belgradstr. 76
Veranstaltungen: Sommerfest: Fr | 22.07.2022, 17:00 - 22:00 Uhr mit Führungen durch die Ausstellung und DJ Set

Sommerfest im Rosa Stern Space
Friday, 22 July, 5 PM - 10 PM
Program: guided tours in our current exhibition "A Piano Plays in Another Room and it's Raining" w/ artist Paul Valentin and curator Kalas Liebfried + DJ set by Lamborghini Crying b2b RebelBoy89


Paul Valentin's works deal with philosophical dilemmas and classical themes of metaphysics, such as the question of truth, nothingness or the form of the world. For his films, he works with the method of computer animation (CGI) to create or change the specific characters and settings.


He is concerned with ideas of surrealism and romanticism, as well as with the theme of new realism, which intertwines philosophy and science.


Due to his father's work as a theater sculptor, he spent a lot of time behind the scenes of the opera as a child. His father’s stage sets and props still shape his idea of materiality and visual language today. Valentin was awarded the Karl Faber Prize in 2019 for his film "Nothing", as well as the 2021 Scholarship for Visual Arts of the City of Munich.


curated by Kalas Liebfried, graphic design by Team Hula


This project is funded by Kulturreferat München.



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